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Rachavadee Bankrut Resort: Bankrut Beach Resort


At  Rachavadee Bankrut Resort lie bijou bungalows in one of the most peaceful areas of Ban Krut beach in Bang Saphan district of Prachuap Kiri Khan province. The area is enchanted by untainted nature and charming local communities. 

The resort’s 290 meters-long beach is one of the widest in Ban Krut area and famous for its beautiful golden beach, tranquility, and privacy; perfect for vacation with either lovers or family. 

Because we know that taking deep breaths of clean and fresh air is one desire for those opting for beach vacation, hammocks under coconut tress welcome visitors at the beachfront of Rachavadee Bankrut Resort. 



The 21 bungalows sparsely located in our resort are each craftily designed to integrate with nature among big and small trees in order to maintain peaceful, clear, and comfortable atmosphere. 


Open-air restroom in the bungalows allow for romantic shower under the stars and moonlight. The warm shower is powered by solar cells. Using clean energy is our choice to have less impact on the mother earth and strive toward real synergy with nature. 


The open-air swimming pool is suitable for the whole family. Guests can also enjoy the whirlpool/jaguzzi which will help relieve stresses – enhancing your relaxation from hydrotherapy.  


The clubhouse restaurant next to the swimming pool is ready to serve you with fresh and flavourful cuisine from our diverse menu at reasonable prices. Free hi-speed Wi-Fi internet is also available during 9.00 - 21.00 hr in the clubhouse area.

...“Rachavadee Bankrut Resort” invites you to relax and experience tranquility in privacy among the golden beach, clear water, and fresh air with our excellent accommodations....

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